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As one of the most affluent areas in London, the City of Westminster is not only home to a series of high value properties, but many essential governmental buildings too. This makes it an incredibly fascinating, and historically significant place, with the new British monarch being crowned in Westminster Abbey each time since 1066.1 Approximately 226,841 people currently reside in Westminster.2

Geography – What area does Westminster cover?

The City of Westminster is centrally located within London, to the west of the City of London and to the east of Kensington. It is approximately 21.48km2 in size.3

There are a number of well-known areas within The City of Westminster, including Soho and Westminster.


The average cost of a home in the City of Westminster (as of March 2016) is approximately £1,064,308.*

However, this includes every property type. Detached homes alone are worth considerably more, at around an average of £2,280,450 (again, as of March 2016).

Here is a breakdown of property prices in Westminster based on the type of home, compared to the England and Wales average:

Type of HouseWestminster averageUK average


*The above statistics were found using the Land Registry app. To use, simply type a UK area into the search bar (in this case ‘Westminster’), select ‘House Price Indices’ and then the type of property you want to determine the average price of.

Scroll down and you will see how the average price has changed over the last few months.

Council tax rates for Westminster are as shown below:


*Rates shown are for 2016/17

While property prices in the Westminster area are quite high, particularly when compared to the England and Wales average, council tax rates are relatively low.

In December 2015, The Telegraph reported that Westminster had the lowest average council tax cost for a property in England.

The area has seen some redevelopments in recent years, with new properties being constructed through both domestic and international investment.6

The people

The City of Westminster has a rather youthful demographic, with 20-29 years olds being the largest age group (according to Rentonomy). Around ten percent of the population is US-born born, with eight percent coming from Ireland and five percent from France.


Local schools in Westminster are considered to be very good. There are educational facilities available to children of all ages, as well as those looking at higher education levels. The University of Westminster is of an incredibly high standard, for those wishing to study any number of subjects available. Find out more about schools in Westminster here.

Things to do in Westminster

As mentioned, Westminster is a popular place for tourists because of the number of high-profile attractions that are located here.

Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament represent just a select few of the places you could visit. You might want to witness the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace while here too.

There are also a wide range of performances that you could enjoy in the West End. Find out what’s on right now here.

If you’re interested in museums, then we recommend checking out the Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum – a fascinating visit.

In addition to all of the above, Westminster is a great place for people who love to shop – namely Victoria Street, Piccadilly and Selfridges.4


Due to its central location, Westminster has a number of excellent transport links. Victoria Station is based here, which is just a four minute journey to Oxford Circus. Travel to various other areas of London is quick and convenient, while there are also a number of excellent bus routes.8

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