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Soho is one of the most well-known areas in London, located to the east of Mayfair and north of Westminster. In recent years, it has flourished as a hotspot for independent restaurants, cafes and pubs. The area has an artistic vibe, and so is a popular choice for young professionals looking for somewhere to live.1

There are approximately 51,240 residents currently living in Soho.2

Geography – What areas does Soho cover?

Soho is based right in the centre of London, within Zone 1, and so offers great transport links to practically anywhere in the city.1 It is on the north side of the River Thames.


The average cost of a property in Soho (as of March 2017) is approximately £2,277,850.3

This represents a massive 67.45 percent increase on housing prices over the last 12 months.4

However, this does change depending on how big the property is. A one-bedroom apartment is worth, on average, £1,250,000.3

A three-bedroom property, on the other hand, is worth an average of £3,800,000.3

1 Bedroom£1,250,000
2 Bedroom£1,800,000
3 Bedroom£3,800,000

People looking to purchase a property in Soho can expect to pay anything between £999,950 and £3,800,000.3

Please note these figures are taken from Foxtons, which is regularly updated to reflect the current average pricing. As such, the above figures may be a little inaccurate. Click the link in our Sources section for the most up to date information or contact us directly to discuss the latest property investment opportunities in Soho.

As this is central London, these prices are much higher than the national average.

In England and Wales as a whole, property prices look like this:

Type of HouseAverage Cost – England & Wales

(January 2017)



The above statistics were found using the Land Registry app. To use, simply click ‘search the UK house price index’, then click ‘customise your search’ and then select ‘England and Wales’. Then select ‘Change property types and report options’ to filter between flat and housing prices.

*This figure was determined by averaging the average cost of detached, semi-detached and terraced houses.

Council tax rates for Soho are determined by the City of Westminster Council, and are as follows:5


Rates shown are for 2016/17

The people

The West End, which includes the area of Soho, is an incredibly diverse place – with relatively large communities of people from places like the US, India and Australia. The largest age group here is 20-29 year-olds (as mentioned earlier, it is a popular area for young professionals who can afford to rent a place in Soho).7


There are not a lot of schools in the Soho area, as it is a relatively small place. However, the schools here are of a high standard. There is a single primary school (Soho Parish Primary School) that is deemed to be “outstanding” by Ofsted, and three state secondary schools nearby (one “good”, two “outstanding”).6

In addition, there are several private schools close by, including Queen’s College (for girls), Wetherby Senior (for boys) and Southbank International School (co-ed).6

Things to do in Soho

You will find there are many fun and interesting things to do in Soho – here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

See a Show

In the West End you’ll find the best theatre productions London has to offer. There are multiple theatres, showing a range of incredible performances each night of the week. You can find out what’s playing right now at this website.

Go Shopping

Soho is home to some of the best shopping spots in the country. Aside from all the typical high-street shops, you’ll also find a wide range of unique, independent shops that sell all sorts of goodies. It has everything from fashion boutiques to record stores – and many other things in-between. Check out Oxford Street and Regent Street for the best shopping.8

Eat at an Amazing Restaurant

The food available in Soho is incredible, and there’s a wide variety of different types for you to try. From Herman ze German and the Flat Planet Café, to the Dishoom Bombay Style Café and Muriel’s Kitchen – there’s something for everyone.9

Comedy Night

As well as theatrical performances, Soho is well-known for hosting a number of comedy events throughout the year. If you enjoy going to a comedy night, then you’ll have plenty of choice here. Soho Theatre and Leicester Square Theatre often host some of the best comedic talent in the UK.10

London Attractions

Although there are not many big attractions in Soho itself, the area is so well-located that many iconic places are within walking distance. Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, for example, are just a 20 minute walk away, with Buckingham Palace around 35 minutes away.11


Due to its location, Soho has a number of excellent transport links. Particularly on the Tube, where you have four stations – Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Circus, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. In addition, Charing Cross train station is close by.7 Due to traffic congestion, not many people in the area tend to have a car. And, as mentioned, because of its location, many attractions are within walking distance.

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