“I have recently started to invest with Cogress.
  I have found them to be an innovative and dynamic
  company with a new approach to creating investment
  opportunities. They are transparent and accessible,
  happy to answer any questions and committed to
  achieving great results for themselves and their investors.”

Julien, Cogress’ Investor

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Professional Investor Registration

I am a per se professional investor, as I fall under one of on the categories below:

(1) I represent or work for an entity required to be authorised or regulated to operate in the financial markets:

    a) a credit institution;
    b) an investment firm;
    c) any other authorised or regulated financial institution;
    d) an insurance company;
    e) a collective investment scheme or the management company of such a scheme;
    f) a pension fund or the management company of a pension fund;
    g) a commodity or commodity derivatives dealer;
    h) any other institutional investor;

(2) I represent or work for a company, which fulfils at least two of the following criteria:

    a) balance sheet total of EUR 20,000,000;
    b) net turnover of EUR 40,000,000;
    c) own funds of EUR 2,000,000;

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