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What Cogress has achieved in just over 2 years, is truly remarkable and could not have happened without your support

We appreciate your recommendation. We believe in old-fashioned values, like the power of word of mouth. For us, the best way for our business to grow is by personal recommendation.

So, if you find being part of our investor community rewarding, we ask you to pass on our details to prospective investors or business people you know. We value your loyalty and strive to reward it. If you recommend a new client to us and that new client invests on our platform, we will reward you as follows:

Investment of £20,000 £200
Investment of £40,000 £350
Investment of £60,000+ £450

Should your contact then recommend us to others who in turn invest on our platform, we will reward you a further £75. This is a rolling arrangement i.e. every time a subsequent investor invests, the original investor will receive the above referral fees.

Rewards will be posted out monthly by cheque, however if you would prefer for this reward to be donated to charity we are happy to oblige and can either donate it to our nominated charity or to a charity of your choice.

This is our way of saying thank you for your support.

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