>>Meet the People Behind Cogress: The Market Analysis Team

Meet the People Behind Cogress: The Market Analysis Team

In this blog series, we’re going behind-the-scenes to introduce you to our fantastic colleagues, the people responsible for Cogress’s fast-growth and continued success. Today, we’re meeting the Market Analysis Team.

What do the Market Analysis Team do?

Every project we present to our investors is rigorously assessed by the Market Analysis Team. These guys are responsible for performing the due diligence and financial analysis on each and every development project we consider. And it’s no easy feat passing their testing. In fact, only one-in-30 developments they consider make the cut.

Meet the Team

The Market Analysis Team is led by Daniel Levene, who joined us from Management Consultancy Accenture, where he spent 8 years working within their Capital Markets practice. Avi Miller (who was off when we took the team picture!) and Cain McKinnon make up the remaining two thirds of our Market Analysts. Cain hails from a development and REIT background, and Avi is our in-house whizz when it comes to financial analysis and modelling.

What do you like most about working for Cogress?

Daniel: My job is particularly varied with no two days are the same. I work alongside exceptional teams, both within Cogress and amongst the developers we fund.

Cain: I love the people and the process. It is great being part of a team dedicated to delivering ‘Best in Class’ analysis on some really interesting projects within the UK. Our diverse backgrounds and shared love of property makes this a really great environment to work in.

Avi: I enjoy analyzing and modelling new development projects in particular, and we see a lot of them at Cogress! We deal with a lot of different asset classes, and the amount of variety in my work keeps it really interesting.

What is the most challenging part of your role?

Daniel: Many investors come to Cogress to quickly build a diversified property investment portfolio. To enable this diversification, we have to offer a wide range of investment opportunities; ranging from student accommodation to retirement communities to commercial investments. This breadth coupled with the analytical depth that we demand can be particularly challenging, but equally rewarding.

How do you make a difference to investors?

Daniel: We appraise each aspect of the deal to understand all the potential risks, quantify them and attempt to mitigate them where possible. It is our job to inform the investment committee of these risks and ensure that, where the risks are too great, those deals aren’t pursued. We consider ourselves our investors’ front-line of defence.

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