Cogress Magazine March 2016

Is crowdfunding getting smart?

The Daily Mail interviews our CEO and one of investors as to why investing with Cogress represents a new wave of smarter collective investment opportunity.

London Property: As Hot As ever

As investors start fearing the looming stamp duty rise in April, Cogress Senior Analyst, Charles Fletcher shares his top reasons as to why investors can be sure that London will remain a property investment hotspot.

Tal Orly – Co-Founder & CEO Cogress

“Success is not just about providing finance; it is about creating opportunity for all of our stakeholders.” We speak to Tal Orly, Co-Founder and CEO to delve deeper into his vision and to discuss what makes the Cogress model the success it is.

£1.35m in how long?

In just 24 hours Cogress raised £1.35m to fund a residential development in a prime location in South West London.

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