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Why Spain, Why Now

After three years of impressive economic growth, Spain is about to pass a crucial milestone on the road to recovery, the country is on track to exceed its pre-crisis level of gross domestic product.

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Cogress Property Guide

For the third month in a row, the UK housing price indexes to May have shown monthly falls in average house prices, for the first time since 2009. Download Cogress’ Property Market Overview to learn more

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Changes Afoot

In 2015 a series of measures were proposed to rebalance the housing scales in favour of first-time buyers and away from landlords, much to their chagrin.

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Foreign Investment in British Football Clubs

A look at the situation regarding foreign ownership of British football clubs – how it got started, and where we are now.

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5 Questions to Ask When Investing in Property Abroad

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) on June 23rd sent shockwaves across the world and its impact was acutely felt in the nation’s property market.

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