>, March Edition 2017>The Untold Stories of the Beautiful Game

The untold stories of the beautiful game

David Bernstein, a well-known figure in boardrooms, and current chairman of Cogress’ advisory board was joined at Cogress’ Investor Club by his former colleague Alex Horne, who spent over a decade at the Football Association. Together they shared stories from their unrivalled experience in the game.

Between them, they held some of the most coveted roles in English football – but as David and Alex explain, there were many hurdles along the way.

From the redevelopment and financing of Wembley to Fabio Capello’s departure as England manager, both have found themselves in the eye of the storm on a number of occasions.
David recalls his experiences with the highly controversial former FIFA President Sepp Blatter, while Alex reflects on the relationship between the Premier League and the England team. Both speculate about the possible emergence of China as football super-power.

They’ve experienced highs and lows both on and off the pitch, seen of the game’s biggest names come and go and have made decisions that have shaped the future of the beautiful game.










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