>>Why you should consider investing in London’s platinum triangle

Why you should consider investing in London’s platinum triangle

The Platinum Triangle in London is home to the most elite residents in the city. There are 67 billionaires in the area and many Africans are putting down big bucks to live in such a prestigious area. The residences are palatial and easy to rent out or sell because people from all over the world want to live here.

High-Value Properties

When you have property in this area, you know that you can get top dollar for it. Approximately 10 percent of property owners in the area spend more than 30 million pounds to live there. About 80 percent drop a cool 15 to 25 million pounds for their properties. While most residents are property owners, there is plenty of room for rental spaces or even short-term leases for those who will be spending less than a year in the area.

Little Need to Renovation

Unless you want your property to be specific in terms of looks and amenities, you will not have to spend much, if anything, renovating your property in this area. Owners go all out to ensure that their home or apartment is fully stocked and modern. You can easily buy a property and either sell or rent it out with sinking more money into it.

If you have the money, investing in this area is always a good idea. Whether you want rental property or you wish you resell, you cannot go wrong with investments in London’s Platinum Triangle. While the initial investment is high, the profits can be even greater and there is sure to be competition for your investments.

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