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Cogress is an equity partnership making property investment opportunities straightforward and accessible for our community of more than 30,000 registered investors


Register as a Cogress investor at no cost and with no obligations. Investment levels for vetted opportunities that pass our strict due diligence start at £20,000.


Our investors are given choice. Review our range of investment opportunities and choose based solely on your appetite for investment.


We actively monitor each investment. An Investor Relations Managers is assigned to each investor to report and notify him throughout the lifecycle of the investments. Real time information is also available on our online portal.


Average investment duration is 18-36 months and profits are shared on exit. Deal initiation fees are only charged when you choose to invest.*

*Property investments are illiquid, and our exit targets are merely guidance. They may not be relied on.

Our team of legal, finance and property analysis experts look after our investors’ interests throughout the lifecycle of the investment

Deal Origination

Developers initiate contact with Cogress, and we perform thorough due diligence to ensure that the developer’s goals align with ours for a productive business relationship. Each developer’s previous projects are fully assessed, referrals are obtained and the developer’s facilities are visited.

Provisional agreement

Cogress performs an assessment of the project’s quality and commercial feasibility in order to make a preliminary decision and provisional Terms of Agreement in accordance with our investment strategy. At this stage the developer must be in a position to purchase the property.

Full due diligence

Each project is unique and is therefore analysed on an individual basis to fully assess its feasibility. We carry out highly rigorous, project specific due diligence in order to match the requirements of the different products, locations, markets and construction processes.

Cogress underwriting

A final business plan is agreed upon which includes a final estimated sale value based on a reasonable current price, a construction budget, the schedule and a Joint Venture agreement. Exchange on the property then takes place and Cogress underwrites up to 90% of the value of the total equity required. The developer will contribute the shortfall.

Presenting to investors

Cogress distributes all available information on the project to our registered investors. Investors then take a decision whether they wish to invest or not and the raised equity is invested in the project.


The developer acts on the project in accordance with agreements made and purchases the property. The developer will be liable to comply with the approved Business Plan with penalties if there are delays or cost overruns.

On-going monitoring

The Cogress team thoroughly and continuously monitors progress on the development and delivers regular reports to all investors involved in the opportunity throughout the life cycle of the investment.


The typical duration of our investments is 18-36 months. Investors’ initial investments and any profit is returned when the project is sold.

We put in place contractual controls that allow us to manage the typical risks that are associated with investments. Our role is to best represent our investors and their interests, whilst also engaging with developers on their behalf

Security of ownership

Through the legal structure we create for each investment, our investors own a share of the property title relative to their level of investment

Preferred returns

Cogress negotiates to ensure the first proportion of profit created is returned to our investors before the developer takes any profit or Cogress receives any success fees

Time and cost over-run

Every agreement that we make with developers gives Cogress the ability and authority to levy sanctions should there be any deviation from the agreed business plan

Developer’s default

We possess significant industry and in house experience of the entire development process. Should it be necessary we have the right and ability to replace the developer in order to safely complete the project for our investors