>>Hot spots in London to invest in property

Hot spots in London to invest in property

When it comes to investing in property, you want to choose a neighborhood that is most likely to get renters. All of these neighborhoods have something special to offer that will attract specific types of tenants. Those who have properties in these neighborhoods tend to have no trouble keeping them occupied.

Marylebone Neighborhood

This is a great neighborhood if you want to attract foodies. There are dining opportunities for just about every type of cuisine. There is also a great shopping district at Marylebone High Street. Residential properties in this area are generally modern and hip, making it easy to attract younger potential tenants.

Shoreditch Neighborhood

Shoreditch is a more edgy neighborhood that is perfect for the hipster crowd. This neighborhood hosts an array of alternative entertainment, unique restaurants and pop-up shopping. There are residential spaces that are fun and simple, making it easy to attract artsy tenants.

Kensington Neighborhood

Kensington is a high-luxury neighborhood and home to the Kensington palace and gardens. You can find tea rooms and great brunch spots. The residential spaces are high-end and perfect when you want to attract middle-aged and older buyers who are looking for a place that is very elegant and sophisticated.

As you can see, these London neighborhoods all have something unique to offer. When you invest in them, you can tailor your investments to attract the tenants that will most want to live there. Investments in all of these neighborhoods will boost your investment portfolio.

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