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What are the risks?

As with any investment there are risks associated with it. These can be unforeseen problems during the build, delays, changes to cost or more.

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How secure is it?

The security is in the part ownership of the property. Once you invest, you subscribe to a limited partnership (the LP), this limited partnership then enters into a joint venture agreement, forming a new limited liability partnership (the LLP). The LLP, of which the LP represents 90% of the equity, is the entity purchasing the

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What has been your best / worst exit?

Cogress has been operating in the UK since 2014, the first of the projects under our management is due to exit in 2015. Since 2009 our management team has secured in excess of 30 exits, via our sister company Keren Hagshama, which is based in Israel. Best returns being 36% annually and the lowest being 13.8%.

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What happens if the developer defaults on his obligations under the contract?

In all of its projects, Cogress are the general partner, holding the majority of the equity. Our investors typically hold 90% of the equity of the development partnership, which is managed by Cogress. The developer is obligated to run the project. Defaults of their obligations can include not getting the planning permissions on time or

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What happens if the property does not sell?

There are controls in the business plan to ensure that the properties sell for the right price. If we are unable to reach the price detailed in the business plan, then Cogress will act in the investor’s best interests to target as high a return as possible.

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Where is the money held?

The money is held in a segregated client account by an independent third party custodian, up to the point of completion on the purchase of the property. It is then passed on to the seller’s solicitors to complete the purchase.

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What checks do you do on me?

We conduct Anti-Money Laundering Checks in line with UK Law, and Know Your Customer checks as part of our appropriateness test of investors.

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What if the market drops?

We cannot control the market. However, we select our developments based on areas and types of property that we believe will be less affected by movements in the market.

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What if something out of the control of the developer goes wrong?

Risks, such as force majeure for example, are part of the risk an investor will take upon himself as an equity partner. However we work with a professional team of developers and it is in everyone’s best interest to mitigate risks and make up for lost time or other issues when they arise.

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