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Cogress has established its name amongst the leading developers

Sourcing the equity required for property developments can be problematic. As developers ourselves, we understand this. Cogress can support developers’ equity requirements so they can run simultaneous projects and build a diverse portfolio quickly. Whether the project proposal is straight-forward or highly complex, we would be delighted to review the business plan and assist in finding the most suitable combined solution.

Approach & Expertise

  • Our property market professionals come from a wide range of industry backgrounds
  • We are opportunistically and commercially driven
  • We provide deal-by-deal analysis and decision making
  • We are long-term-relationship orientated
  • We conduct in depth due diligence for all our projects

Our investment policy

  • We provide up to 90% of the required funding after senior debt
  • Our private financing platform typically ranges from £1,500,000 to £15,000,000
  • The projects must be at an advanced stage in the acquisition process with a drafted appraisal and cost plan
  • We conduct in depth due diligence for all our projects
  • We offer both equity and mezzanine loan finance options

So whether your project proposal is straight-forward or highly complex, whether you’re looking for a short, mid or long-term relationship, we would be delighted to review your plans and help you find the combined solution that’s best for you.

“Working with Cogress has been a tremendously exciting experience. Cogress not only provides the investment element which is vastly needed for any developer, they have also always rendered an exceptional market knowledge and experienced support. Working with them is like working with decades of experienced property experts. And they can be as ‘hands on’ and as ‘hands off’ as you would like them to be. We are already looking at the next year and I recommend Cogress all the time and count on their lifetime business relationship.”

Nori Touati, MD & Founder, Ankor Property Group

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