Cogress Magazine December 2016

How London’s property market has changed

From the 90's recession to the 2016s' Brexit - it's not a surprise that not only the UK's skyline has changed beyond recognition. Political and economic developments have impacted Londoner's decisions, changing the property market landscape completely

From a regionalised to a localised property market

We often refer to the UK property market as one entity. However in recent years, the market has started shifting from being regionalised to becoming more localised. What does it all mean and what are the reasons behind these dramatic changes?

Zac Gazit – Business Development Director

Zac discusses his leading role giving new meaning to Cogress' relationship fostering with a global flavour "I relish the challenge of bringing Cogress' ambitions to life by forging relationships with investors all over the world"

5 Questions to ask when investing in buy-to-let

At a time of low interest rates and volatile stock markets, buy-to-let might be considered an attractive investment opportunity however, at the same time, it can be confusing and overwhelming. Take a look at the five questions to ask before investing in Buy-to-Let

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