>>Commercial investments in London to improve your portfolio

Commercial investments in London to improve your portfolio

Commercial Investments in London to Improve Your Portfolio

Many London Neighborhoods have plenty of small commercial properties that allow you to make good profits. These can be very inexpensive, especially compared to housing in the luxury neighborhoods, while allowing you to score higher rent prices than residential properties. Since many Londoners are taking the entrepreneur route, commercial real estate investments make a lot of sense right now.

Look for Small Boutique Spaces

Plenty of Londoners have their own businesses that require a boutique space to sell their products. Things like clothing, accessories and beauty and skincare products are very popular in the city and many people are starting businesses to sell these items. Boutique spaces are also ideal for places like coffee and bake shops because these do not require a lot of space to be successful. If you can snag this type of property in a trendy area, you can get a good monthly rent rate easily.

Provide a Place for New Restaurants

You can easily find small restaurant and café spaces throughout the city for a good price. If you do choose restaurant properties, you want to make sure that they are generally move-in ready to get the most people considering renting from you. While there is no need to supply dining room furniture because all restaurants have a different theme, having the basic kitchen equipment makes you competitive.

Shops and dining establishments are two of the most popular types of commercial properties in London. If you can secure even just one, you will give your investment portfolio a major boost.

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