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Interview with Lord Mendelsohn

Lord Mendelsohn, Member of the Cogress’ Advisory Board discusses the current state of the UK property market and the key factors resulting from the triggering of Article 50

By Cogress|2018-11-16T22:57:05+00:00June 7 th, 2017|

Zac Gazit – Business Development Director

Zac discusses his leading role giving new meaning to Cogress' relationship fostering with a global flavour "I relish the challenge of bringing Cogress' ambitions to life by forging relationships with investors all over the world"

By Cogress|2018-11-16T22:57:34+00:00December 16 th, 2016|

Interview with Richard Humphreys

What is the risk that the Spanish financial sector will go back to the kind of flexible financing that we saw pre-crisis in 2016?

By Cogress|2018-11-16T22:57:50+00:00August 17 th, 2017|

Interview with David Bernstein by Property Panorama

David Bernstein, as the new Chairman of Cogress’ Advisory Board, discusses the Cogress model, his personal involvement as an investor himself, and what lies ahead for Cogress and the UK property market.

By Cogress|2018-11-16T22:58:30+00:00November 22 nd, 2016|