>July Edition 2016

July 2016

In the July edition we look at what Britain leaving the EU means for UK property and Zac Gazic discusses working closely with developers, providing investors with answers, and what sets Cogress apart.

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What leaving the EU means for UK property

On June 23rd the British public voted to leave the EU. Our Property Analyst Callum Ferguson follows up on this historic referendum, analysing what this means for the UK property market.

By Callum Ferguson|2018-11-16T23:53:22+00:00July 4 th, 2016|

It’s not just about Big Ben and ‘Red Coats’

The City of Westminster is an Inner London borough which occupies much of the central area of Greater London including most of the West End. We pick this vast area apart piece by piece, allowing you to really get to know Westminster.

By Daniel Levene|2017-05-28T14:20:01+00:00July 10 th, 2016|

Should I invest in shares or property?

If you have any disposable income available to you, then one of the options you might want to consider using it for is investing. But there are lots of different types of investments available – how do you choose?

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