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Estate Gazette

31 Jul 2017

OakNorth partners with Cogress on £22m deal to finance the restoration of Otto Schiff House

By Cogress|2017-11-20T18:58:35+00:00November 3 rd, 2017|


7 Sep 2017

Cogress has secured £1.7m to fund a new residential development in Bristol with Complete Project Development Ltd.

By Cogress|2017-11-03T11:42:49+00:00November 3 rd, 2017|

Property funds world

20 Jun 2017

Cogress and Octopus Property to fund GBP7.45m, 22-unit South London residential development

By Cogress|2017-11-03T11:27:05+00:00November 3 rd, 2017|

Brighton and Hove News

25 Oct 2017

A historic cinema has been bought by developers, in partnership with Cogress, to demolish it and build 70 flats

By Cogress|2017-11-20T18:55:09+00:00October 31 st, 2017|

Development Finance Today

10 Aug 2017

Cogress has secured £4.5m of equity for a luxury, mixed-use development in Chalk Farm, north London.

By Cogress|2017-11-20T18:53:56+00:00November 7 th, 2017|


19 Apr 2017

Cogress has closed its quickest raise yet after securing £2.56m for a new redevelopment project in SW1.

By Cogress|2017-11-07T14:48:55+00:00November 7 th, 2017|

Development Finance Today

15 Feb 2016

Cogress has invested £1.35m in 24 hours to fund a residential development in South West London.

By Cogress|2017-11-07T14:58:14+00:00November 7 th, 2017|

Development Finance Today

11 Nov 2017

Cogress has invested £3.1m in less than 24 hours to fund a development in north-west London.

By Cogress|2017-11-07T15:01:09+00:00November 7 th, 2017|