>April Edition 2016

April 2016

In this month's edition we feature the appointment to the Cogress Advisory Board of David Bernstein and also contains newly released blog content featuring an in depth interview with Charles Fletcher, Head of Analysis at Cogress

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How do I choose the right property investment?

Investing in property is a big deal. It’s important to research all of your options in order to make an informed decision. To help, we’ve devised a list of questions to ask yourself before choosing a specific property to invest in.

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Daniel Levene – Head of Analysis

“We only work with developers that pass our stringent due diligence process, ensuring we only present our investors with the very best opportunities.”

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Recently raised: Belsize Village, London NW3

Learn more about one of our most recent investment opportunities in Belsize Village. This is the construction of eight luxury apartments with a basement for provision of parking, associated access and landscaping.

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Former FA Chairman joins Cogress Advisory Board

"An investment platform that allows consumers to invest in high-end developments has bolstered its advisory board after hiring former Manchester City chairman and retail veteran David Bernstein."

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