>>Will Bermondsey boost your investment portfolio?

Will Bermondsey boost your investment portfolio?

Will Bermondsey Boost Your Investment Portfolio

The Bermondsey area used to be home to uninhabited warehouses and council estates. However, it now hosts the tallest skyscraper in Europe, sophisticated galleries and trends eateries. This also points to people wanting to invest, but you want to make sure it is worth it.

Can You Still Take Advantage of the Neighborhood?

Many experts agree that this neighborhood is currently undervalued. Those with rental properties are making out well right now because they can charge a solid amount and easily get it. The area’s progress continues to amaze the experts because the neighborhood is constantly growing. This means that more people want to live in this area and make a life here. This is plenty to see and do, as well as easy access to many great employers.

Advantages of the Geographical Location

This neighborhood is right behind the Tower Bridge and the London Bridge, on the Thames’ south bank. This means that the area is in close proximity to Canary Warf, an area where people love to live because it is walkable for those who work for the city. It is also very close to central London. People can walk across the London Bridge to get to work, reducing their reliance on motor vehicles and public transportation.

The Bermondsey neighborhood is a great place to buy some property because it is easy to find renters. You can easily keep your rental rates competitive because people actually want to live in the area. There are also plenty of commercial properties that you can invest in to add another dimension to your portfolio.

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