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Welcome to our London Office

Our offices are located in the center of London’s lively West End district, known for its many art galleries, theaters, and well-known advertising firms. These offices have served the company since we opened our London branch in 2014, and are visited by investors, entrepreneurs and leading real-estate experts. Our offices host ongoing investor meetings, professional panels, seminars and various other events.


Tel Aviv Office

Our offices are located in Kiryat Aryeh, in the heart of Petah-Tikva’s new high-tech center. We recently moved into these offices upon expanding our activities, and this is where Hagshama management from around the world meets and operates. Every week our offices are visited by dozens of investors, looking to meet the people behind the work, and participate in one-on-one investor meetings. Our rooftop boasts an event space, where monthly professional conferences expose our investors to the different investment tracks and the various aspects of taxation and finance.

New York Office

Our offices are located in the popular Midtown Manhattan, close to 8th Avenue and Times Square. The area is considered a prominent business center, and is situated alongside several leading financial establishments, banks and investment funds, as well as tourist sites and shopping centers. The offices, which opened in 2016, also serve as a meeting center for local investors and leading real-estate personas.

Spanish Office

Since 2009, our management team has made more than 250 investments globally with a GDV of more than £1.5 billion. Cogress is a community of investors. We are an exit-oriented private equity platform connecting our community with opportunities usually reserved for the largest investors. Meet their team