Cogress Magazine October 2016

Hackney – From Rags to Riches

The changing face of Hackney hasn't gone unnoticed. A wave of new restaurants, bars, and other establishments have turned the Borough into a hip destination making it one of the most appealing areas of London

Tal Orly Interview with Intercontinental Finance and Law

Tal Orly, CEO of Cogress, gets candid in new interview with InterContinental magazine "I believe we are revolutionising the way people invest, and going beyond boundaries of the status quo in providing huge potential to all investors"

Post-Brexit, Pre-Article 50: The state of London’s property market

The shock of the referendum result seemed to hit London property the hardest, but three months have gone by and the housing market fallout has not been as dramatic as first predicted

How to get into property investment – 5 simple steps

Investing in property can offer you a host of incredible opportunities but starting the whole process can be a little overwhelming. Take a closer look at the steps to help guide you to make an intelligent decision

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