February 2016

Welcome you all to the February edition of our content newsletter. In this month's edition, you will be able to find; the latest property investment news; up-to-date information on our investments and interesting blog content from the Cogress site.

By | January 10 th, 2017|

International Property – a Buying Comparison

Looking to buy or invest in property overseas? What are the real costs to both the buyer and the seller, and how easy is the process?

By | February 16 th, 2016|

Global Investment Hotspots

A revealing list of the top 10 international property investment hotspots complete with: area guides, a brief history of the various areas and reasons why you should invest there.

By | February 2 nd, 2016|

Island Life – Sir Richard Branson

We are all farmiliar with Richard Branson's many business ventures and investments. But his most lucrative investment to date has to be in property

By | February 28 th, 2016|