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Meet the people behind Cogress

Zahid Anwar – Chief Financial Advisor

Zahid discusses "the challenge and excitement of attempting something that has never been done before" and his strategic goals for the future

Zac Gazit – Business Development Director

Zac discusses his leading role giving new meaning to Cogress' relationship fostering with a global flavour "I relish the challenge of bringing Cogress' ambitions to life by forging relationships with investors all over the world"

Interview with Daniel Levene at Master Investor Show

Watch Daniel Levene, Cogress’ Investor Relations Director, discuss Cogress’ unique model at the Master Investor Show

Interview with Mark Posniak by Property Panorama

Mark delves into the importance of experience in the property market world and the difficulty of securing finance nowadays

Interview with David Bernstein by Property Panorama

David Bernstein, as the new Chairman of Cogress’ Advisory Board, discusses the Cogress model, his personal involvement as an investor himself, and what lies ahead for Cogress and the UK property market.

Omer Brakin – Head of Portfolio Management

“We aren’t measured by our investors when everything is fine, and running smoothly, but rather when there’s an issue with a development.”

Daniel Levene – Sales & Investor Relations Director

“we undertake a completely transparent and accountable process to source investments which allows investors to make an informed decision about their options”

Charles Fletcher – Head of Analysis

“We only work with developers that pass our stringent due diligence process, ensuring we only present our investors with the very best opportunities.”

Tal Orly – Co-Founder & CEO Cogress

“Success is not just about providing finance; it is about creating opportunity for all of our stakeholders.” We speak to Tal Orly, Co-Founder and CEO to delve deeper into his vision and to discuss what makes the Cogress model the success it is.

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